Catalan Way towards the Independence

Lluis Turró Cutiller

September 11 is the day the catalan society will join hands claiming to the world a single word Independence.

The facts

Knowing that, from outside, this movement may seem inapropiate or innecessary, I will try to expose the catalan feelings to your criteria. Well, I changed from facts to feelings as if they were the same thing. I do agree they are not, thus, let me put it this way: The feelings that some facts provoke.

  • Our language on stake. Spanish Goverment changes language name at will only to avoid having places speaking catalan out of Catalonia.
  • Sacrificing productivity. Catalonia stands for the most productive region of Spain, now dronw on Spanish Goverment crisis and corruption.
  • Neglection on infrastructures. Catalonia ports and airports suffer from disatention and leaks.
  • The corrupted Spanish Goverment prefers destroying productivity than punish those who profited from corruption. Understanding that productivity is in Catalonia while corruption resides on Madrid.

I will not pretend to clarify the facts by expressing my feelings. My intention is to tell how catalan society sees Spain. Much in this way, a friend told me once: The best way to make understand our feelings is asking those who doubt if they would like to stay under Spanish Goverment. Most will say no.

Well, I want the independence, wouldn't you?

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