TiC Foundation

See TiC Foundation site.

From now on, the software will relate to BrightSide Workbench. The list of hosted projects may increase with the time.

Motivation and Objectives

  • Generate the software, free and with source code available.
  • Provide the platform from where to freely distribute the software wide-world.
  • Improve the software to meet real-world demands.
  • Be the nest for new BrightSide modules, plug-ins and add-ons, as well as new software-related projects that meet Foundation objectives.


  • Patrons: Foundation Patronage.
  • Counselors: Foundation Council.
  • Contributors: Foundation Soul.
  • Sponsors: Foundation Body.
Rights and duties will be promptly available. By now, just consider them as people soundly engaged with software, new technologies and willing to share. That's the ethos.

This rules apply to all members:

  • Foundation members will be no money-rewarded for their membership.
  • Issue reporters and Code contributors could become Foundation members due to merits related to Foundation objectives.


  • Foundation members and contributors might donate code.
  • Sponsors might donate funds to support the Foundation.
  • The Foundation could incorporate developers to meet a Foundation objective. The steps will be:
    • Objective's budget approval.
    • Public offer in Foundation site. Applicants might be able to register on-line.
    • Selection of one of the applicants.
Applicants could be Foundation members, contributors and private self-profit business or individuals. Applicant's participation will be restricted from objective start to objective deadline.

Operational chart

Licensing the software

The Foundation apply to Affero General Public License for distributing the software. Key parts of the license are:

  • Affero General Public License.
    • Code can be modified and re-distributed.
    • Code derived from the software will always be distributed with the Foundation license.
  • License assures future endorsement to the Open Source community.

Development Cycle

We like what we do, we wont stop doing it. From users, beneficiaries, collaborators to patronage members, everyone helps improving, adding new features, resolving issues.