Profile management

In Elephant nomenclature, a user is a contact with an email and able to sign in. Users can also sign up, if the website allows it (has a sign up context)

Automated relations

Elephant gives the user the opportunity to enrich his profile, while getting more permissions. Any user can send a request for a new relation, and acquire permissions once validated. There are some limitations, though, to make sure a single user has not contradictory roles (ex. student and docent)

  • Professionals and Docents can not be Students. This could clash regarding challenges.
  • Likewise, Students can only be students.

Profile completion

When configured, the profile completion gives the user some tips about completing the profile. Tips may vary, depending on the relation type and what has already been completed.

Using user's profile, any user can add relations to existing companies or learning centers. Relations created by users are moderated, administrators must validate all proposed relations.

When a user has no relations, it is offered several options, depending on the existence of companies or learning centers. If none of them are in your contacts database, nothing will be offered.

The differences among these relations, are:

Type Description
Professional Has a current relation with a company.
Student Has a current non-responsible relation (staff) with a learning center.
Docent Has a current responsible relation (not staff) with a learning center.

After a relation request has been sent, the profile will update the status.


Recipient Description
User Receives a notification when the relation is accepted.
Admins Depending on the relation status, the subject can be:
  • Modified : Relation when validated and modified.
  • Not validated : Relation when not validated and created/modified.
  • Not validated : Docent relation when not validated and created/modified.
Not validated : Docent relation
This notification requires a different procedure. The reason are the special permissions a docent acquires. Usually, the flow is:
  • Contact the user, to validate that is a docent.
  • If true, validate the request and edit the contact, to change the relation type (other than staff)
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