Activity catchers

Activity catchers are mainly related to user activity or participation. Their purpose is to isolate modules from contacts, without losing the ability to react on changes.

Catchers are lists of activities. Activities can be entity participations. Each activity use to contain a user participation. For instance, a user will participate in an issue if has a role within the issue, but not if just commented or participates in issue's dossier.


Assistants are users that do not actually participate in an entity, but have entity permissions to assist. An example of assistants is the add by entity combobox. Deep assistants are those who do not assist directly in the related entity, but do indirectly in a parent oriented hierarchy.

Last activity centered

The Elephant system also provides last activity catchers. The activity source might be known or at first unknown. Known sources are data collected from actual entities. The unknown source is basically the log system, in which user activities are registered.

Collected activity

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