Elephant is able to create a sitemap.xml file. The file is compliant with Google webmaster tools.


The file is auto-generated when the BaaS administrator uses the option Tools -> Contexts. The file location is /sitemap.xml.

How it works

The sitemaps generator crawls Elephant contexts and adds those visible, that is, with no role restrictions. Also lists publications from BrightSide Publication module, and add those publications in visible groups and categories. It also adds publication images that follow the standard convention described here.

Extended URLs requirements for sitemaps

In order to generate the correct URL for specific BrightSide modules, is necessary to register a context as a web-context for the specific entity.

Elephant reads web-contexts from file, located at WEB-INF/elephant/conf. The format of this file is entity=path. Examples:


When the BrightSide Publication plugin for sitemap, expands the entity URL, uses the path defined for publication entities.

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