EWiki syntax

EWiki status
EWiki mantains its beta status, but now is widely available for all components.
Most old Wiki syntax can be used, see more info here Wiki syntax

Agnostic tags

You can use any HTML tag with EWiki, by simply enclosing the tag in brackets []. Also, you can convert any HTML tag to a Text container by adding -text to tag's name.

EWiki / Wiki syntax detection
The Wiki compiler detects if you are using EWiki features, and enables EWiki syntax. This may have side effects if you compile with EWiki activated, but content does not have any EWiki feature. These side effects may be visible the next time you edit this specific content.

Containers and Text containers

EWiki defines a Container as the content wrapped between [tag] and [/tag]. Containers are similar to normal HTML containers, with no especial treatment for new lines and empty lines.

A Text container, on the other hand, is the content wrapped between [tag-text] and [/tag-text]. Text containers treat new lines as line feeds, and empty lines as the beginning of a new paragraph.

Type Activation Usage Example
Container [tag]...[/tag] Banners, compositions, images... [div]...[/div]
Text container [tag-text]...[/tag-text] Normal text, messages, mixed content... [div-text]...[/div-text]
Text treatment
EWiki container type is -text at the start.

Mixed content

The directives related to changing the interpreter mode are no longer required. HTML can be embedded within wiki causing no extra formatting, except for text containers. Java code and XML can be included as blocks or inline using enclosing java and xml tags.

The HTML output
Despite allowing normal HTML, the compiler returns a well-formed result. Unclosed tags will be closed to ensure consistency.

Easy escaping characters

Any character can be escaped using the backslash. The exception are macro parameters, where compiler especial characters should be transformed to HTML entities.

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