Push notifications

Modern browsers allow users to get push notifications on a large variety of devices. Despite being controlled by browsers, push notifications do not require an open browser.

Having a single specification, push notifications behavior is expected to be similar among different browser brands.

Mozilla has an updated page showing browser brands adoption https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Push_API

Elephant Push notifications

Elephant provides a convenience method to enable and subscribe to push notifications. A single check button will perform both actions:

Elephant push notifications control

This check button has three possible status:





Browser doesn't support push notifications or user has blocked them.

To change push notifications status, see the following section.


No push notifications will be sent to this browser.

The user can check the button and immediately will receive a request from the browser asking whether to allow or block push notifications.


This device will be getting push notifications.

To disable push notifications, see the following section.

Browser options

In the navigation bar you will see one of these icons:



By clicking them, a dialog with site options will pop up. Notice that this options refer to the current site.



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