Understanding Turro.org

Turro.org was first build for personal use. In some moment of the past, development efforts were driven within this domain, including XMLPortal first implementation. Site's importance dimmed in favor of its companion, aos.cat and xmlportal.net. But things change and Turro.org takes again some relevance. 2011 Q2 is the moment Elephant, BrightSide modules and the Application Framework became central to this site. Development force moved here in detriment of previously hosting sites, the above-mentioned and java.net.

In 2013, with the constitution of TiC Foundation, Turro.Org contributes the code to the Foundation patrimony, worth 450 thousand euros. Code distribution and documentation slowly move to Foundation's site. At this moment, Turro.Org starts offering commercial support for BrightSide and derivates. This support includes BrightSide hosting.

As for code repositories, Turro.Org repository directly hang from root repository at TiC Foundation.