Understanding BaaS

BaaS is a full-featured service running in a cloud, usually with not less than 4Gb of RAM serving a minimum of 2 vCPU.

Well, this configuration is by choice. The BaaS structure is distributed and fully scalable. The databases could be located on different computers, using different database servers. The same applies to the web application, running on a JEE compliant server. BaaS fits perfectly on Amazon Web Services, like EC2, EBS and RDS.

BaaS stands for BrightSide as a Service.

BaaS from the foundations

BaaS components, BrightSide and Elephant, are Open Source projects hosted at TiC Foundation. Both can be freely distributed.

For differences and relation between Turro.Org and TiC Foundation, see here.

The full dependency tree can be found here.

For developers, source code can be downloaded here under the OSI approved AGPL license.

Also, source code can be browsed here.

How does BaaS integrates with other services?

BlueBee service is a retailer brand example, based on BaaS. As you can see in this graphic, BaaS integrates seamlessly.

The BlueBee service is described here.


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