Skills & Tags

Skills and Tags are both different APIs and have different behaviors. Although, both share the final goals: create a transversal categorization and group transversal types of entity, otherwise ignored.


The user skill types are Knowledge, Functional and Attitude. The company or center skill types are Sector and Specialty.

For entities, all the above skill types apply.

When attached to entities, skills may have different meanings. The table below shows how to interpret skills regarding the entity they were attached.

Entity owning the skill



The contact owns the skill.


The call should specify the reason: required for assistance or directed to those interested in.

Other entities

The entity requires the skill.


Tags are simple, synthetic words defining the entity. By default, entities aim to create separated sets of tags. The point is to separate tags by concept (type of entity) and by use (internal or external). Tags are all the same type.

Internal tags

When the BS Contacts was born, it owned the Tags API. Tags are mostly assigned by Social Group syndication. The final use is to easily filter contacts by their social group. Since then, even after the API independence, contact attached tags are treated as for internal use.

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