Elephant provides system wide components to allow common access to entities. One of the advantages of this system is the ability to publish the activity using Visual elements to control whether a user has permissions to see specific data.

Publishing by condition

Elephant takes the publishing concept as a web context using an iterator with conditions. Let's say we want to publish a specific branch of dossier's categories tree. And from this branch, only those with particular conditions. Now, taking context, entity's type and conditions, we have the information necessary to feed the Publishing API:




Web context path where the entities get published.

Entity root

The entity root as expressed in the Entities API.


Array of conditions specific to the entity root.

Factory methods




Returns constraint values.


Returns web context for a given entity.

Who's benefiting from the Publishing API?

  • Iterators, since they can get the content restrictions by the context they are showing off.
  • Mail messages, since they can resolve the web path by published first, then restricted.
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