Only last sources are available, something I'll correct in the future. Current versions are on a private Mercurial repository, mainly because I'm too busy to maintain a public one.

There are several pending things:

  1. Provide the whole set of required libraries along with licences.
  2. Provide the SQL scripts of the demo data.
  3. Step-by-step how-to install BrightSide.

For code browsing see: Full report. See also dependencies.

By downloading code and samples you're accepting this Llicència and this ZK Open Source License .


BaaS Hosting

Foundation is meant to provide a more active and updated code repository.


You might require support installing / running the Application Server with BrightSide Workbench installed. In case you already have files downloaded and Tomcat running, we could help you for free. Contact using

Turro.Org and Foundation TiC

Turro.Org code is the main contributor to Foundation TiC.

Source code is donated to Foundation TiC, a catalan foundation under cultural social work epigraph.