What to expect after the Spring?

New & Noteworthy
Lluís Turró Cutiller
BaaS elephant

Spring will be full of activity for the Elephant library. Some big changes are coming soon, and some quite surprising. Let's review what to expect.

From discovering new functionality, to creating new features

Visual elements and Concept permissions have proven their value while discovering new functionality. Their versatility when creating templates has allowed to abstract from code, and concentrate on elements and their permissions. Both include Scripting and Actors to enforce entity related permissions.

What now then? The scripts are moving to configuration! Final users will be able to create their own visuals by simply configuring actors for featured actions. The importance of this lies on using a simple configuration to control both, permissions and scope of these permissions.

EWiki substituting Wiki as the new standard

The new wiki editor will help users with the creation of the new set of wmacros. From an easy selectable, to the creation of new elements. Banners, strips, cards, tables, messages, toasts, labels and more. Along with their variations, solid, fluid, effects...

Creating rich documentation, land pages, easy-to-read text will much easier.

EWiki also uses the Colors API, to facilitate the creation of readable strips.

Text, images, videos, icons, emojis, rich templates... be ready!

Profile suggestions

Despite being possible to create a contact network, it wasn't enforced. And this is about to change!

The profile will be able to suggest users to engage in new relations, while acquiring permissions. Professionals, docents, students, HHRR?

All coordinated with the Directories, allowing to choose who is in your network, and who is not.

Alliance allowed

The new Elephant Alliance will fully accept contact profile preferences. Contact, company or learning center will be part of all the alliance servers your site is part of. Do it once, get it everywhere.

Privacy in mind

As in previous versions, privacy is important and the whole system respect this. By default, everything is private, until you decide which parts you want published. And thanks to the new configuration, administrators will be able to easily publish, depending on user permissions, application-wide or entity-specific.

All coming soon