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Lluis Turró Cutiller
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Since I started writing code for the enterprise, products where the stars on Moneyland sky. Everything is a product: services, merchandise, manufactures... everything is worth buying or using. Thus, you have something, you give it a code and the magic starts: you have a product. No matter if its free or costs money.

Products live their own lives. They can be single or part of a production chain, can have serial numbers along product codes or be uncoded. But, is that true? Does your software support uncoded products?

BrightSide Financials will ship with support for uncoded products. Products that you know how to describe, you can buy or sell several times, but have no code. Or, at least, you don't know which one is. Uncoded products rely heavily on concepts.

With Uncoded Products, Financials will be able to show prices, costs and stocks from things you're usually buying or selling. With no efforts from your side. Simply use it and Financials will tell you.

Uncoded Products are scheduled for BrightSide Financials 1.3