Perception... is everything?

Lluis Turró Cutiller

As a matter of fact, BrightSide is intended for final users. You could see the Application Framework as a good starting place for writing your code, but the objective were always final users.

When analyzing, developing or testing you're not seeing what a final user will see. Your efforts aim to performance, some good-looking design and as less as posible bugs. For sure any final user will be happy having such an application... with the time. But not at first glance. Clarity and a good design are more significant when somebody first meets your application.

Some frameworks provide design guidelines, some not. But the final experience percieved by your users is up to you. Select the right words, include some supporting icons and place components where can be easily found.

Easy, isn't?

Well, if your framework is powerful, easy to manage and largely configurable, then... yes. BrightSide Application Framework relies on ZK, where almost everything is possible.