Live Links move to client-side

New & Noteworthy
Lluis Turró Cutiller

Elephant has changed Live Links paradigma, freeing server-side load.

Server doesn't store temporal sessions any longer

First approach to Live Links created a temporal key that was stored into server temporal-sessions file. Its purpose was, mainly, to allow mail links enter the application passing through sign-in unattendedly. Once used, the temporal key got removed from server and no longer would stay available for future uses.

Creating a new key, highly encrypted

New approach to Live Links uses a symmetric cipher algorithm to create intelligent keys. Those keys own application process-based information along with Elephant self-required fields.

New Live Links can be used multiple times before expire, can be part of mailing systems, web active links and RSS feeds. Live Links can also be AJAX based, allowing to sign-in and get content in a single step.