Elephant is bursting with elements, get documentation ready!

New & Noteworthy
Lluis Turró Cutiller

Elephant has a complex page construction, element composed and factory driven. Thus, Elephant has powerful configuration grounds and might walk soundly step by step.

To understand what goes on when rendering the HTML, we first need to understand what a page is. One page, one context. One context, multiple layout and content elements. Real world, though, shows that most of times, pages are composed by layout elements spanning site-wide and a single content element. Real life is complex, but follows phisics laws.

New in Elephant 1.5.7

To achieve real world complexity with real world rules, Elephant factory includes an element/implementation cache. Elements are created separatedly, but class instances remain in cache for future uses.

Your documents, along with their organization, will show up faster, which is what you might expect for production environments.