BrightSide is now running on top of ZK 6.0.1, faster than ever

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Lluis Turró Cutiller
BaaS zk

BrightSide is now running on top of ZK new version, ZK 6.0.1. Code upgrade went smoothly, as if previous issues were all solved, an effect of the ZK project activity. Some improvements shine by themselves:

  • Speed, new version runs faster.
  • Control over UI, components layout is close to perfection, while composers handle the hard part. 

BrightSide benefits from all those new features, bringing to the end user cutting-edge technologies ready for real world applications.

To see a demo, visit the BrightSide DEMO site.


Paola 25/6/12
Any news with regards to inviting someone at Potix for the Foundation Event?