Zkoss, easy, elegant and highly productive

Lluis Turró Cutiller
apis zk

I have been disconnected wink from this site quite long. It seems that time isn't working the right way with me. You know, the more I'm supposed to understand the more complicated to write about it. Well, this time I made a break and gathered myself in order to put my two cents saying something about Zkoss.

First, I would like you to notice that this goes about web application frameworks. Java Server Faces, Flex, Google Web Toolkit, Wicket and those of that kind. I have stressed most of them in my way of being productive writing web applications. Difficult, let me tell you.

Zkoss works much in the way of Wicket. Is strongly based on Ajax and, as it happens in Wicket, the Javascript code is written automatically by the Java components. These means that you don't have to write a single line of Javascript, something Java developers like very much, don't you?

Zkoss, as opposite to Wicket, has a smooth looking by default. Nothing you couldn't do with Wicket, at the cost of time writing HTML and CSS files. Zkoss components are highly effective. They take little space and work much in the way a desktop application will do. For instance, the grid and listbox components have pagination embedded and developer can activate it using markup scripting attributes or Java properties (JavaBean way).

Events response is also amazing. You add event listeners the same way you would in Swing. Components will generate Javascript code and Zkoss event processor would take care of everything for you, even page updating.

Dialogs and modal dialogs are also easy to use and can be launched from within an event listener. Well, imagine what you can do with that!

In case you want to give it a try visit Zkoss and start being productive!