Web interface as entity attribute, entities explained and exposed to community

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Lluis Turró Cutiller

BrightSide adds a new web interface for the whole set of entities, but... what do we call web interface?

Following the plugin pattern to entities

For a long time, BrightSide has added features to entities by using a one-for-all pattern. Thus, attachments apply to dossiers, issues, contracts, documents, sale actions, resources and so on. Same applies for acceptances, tags, calendar events...

Now, a web interface appears as an out-of-the-box feature for all entities. Well, a web interface, what do we call web interface?

  • Description, multiple descriptions. Easy to edit, no HTML acknowledge required.
  • Comments, moderated.
  • Stars, gathering interest from readers. Single user or IP tracking.
  • Votes, positive, negative or none. Contact vote tracking.

Exposing the web interface

Last Elephant libraries ship with the fantastic Freemarker (see http://www.turro.org/docs/dependencies) which allows exposing web interface attributes by simply adding them to templates.

You can see examples of this web interface in http://www.turro.org/organization/dossiers, where Turro.Org carries issues for all its projects. Also this publication is an example of stars and comments.


Fredeic Wolf 2/9/13 Http://www.wolfphotographers.com
Great!!! Ready to upgrade and try new features.