Turro.Org as Foundation? Why not?

Lluis Turró Cutiller

The first thing I was wondering about when remodeling this web site was its final purpose. Yes, I want to distribute free software and open source software, which might not be the same. And yes, I want this software to be as good as posible. Who not? The question is how to legally achieve this.

Now you may wonder why not simply make available software downloads and accept contributions? Well, I suspect nobody will be interested improving source code owned by a single developer. What if I change my mind nowadays?

Turro.Org as a Foundation could make this project sound solid, indistructible. A Foundation is closely controlled as a non-profit organization and its mission is made crystal clear by foundation's statements. Governed by a board of directors, Turro.Org Foundation could make the best for mantained software. BrightSide libraries would be donated to the foundation to ensure its future.

Since we are talking about a meritocratic group, developing for the good of the software, reverting all the efforts to the humanity, is hard to understand why legally constituting a Foundation requires 30.000€ !

Well, I might be wrong, maybe there exists somewhere in the world where making something for the rest of humanity with non-interested efforts, will not require money but good predisposition. Am I in the wrong part of the Universe?