Turro.Org adds a new language module and stops giving direct support for Castilian, aka Spanish

New & Noteworthy
Lluis Turró Cutiller

BrightSide gets a new language module, isolating the resources treatment. With the new Elephant Locale project, will be easier to mantain locale resources from external sources, as well as indicating which languages should appear as available to final users. The goal of this project is to incorporate collaborations in locale maintenance, making easy the way new languages get their way into the whole set of modules.

Turro.Org will also stop giving direct support for Castilian (Spanish). Provisionally and in order to allow fresh versions of Castilian, French and German, collaborators will be able to edit these resources from Turro.Org. Soon we'll come with instructions on how to collaborate with the project.

Catalan and English will continue to be directly supported.

Elephant Locale aims to create a unique entry point for resources. One of the main points on this module is indicating which languages should appear as available to final users. This is accomplished by creating a new all-languages resource with the list of those wanted.

From outside, it may seem that the best approach would be providing every lang we have, better than cutting some. But real life has proved that providing resources for accounting, book-keeping, quality control and others is quite cumbersome. It's also misleading for final users to get fracmented locales for important day to day work.

Elephant Locale is also a solution for those who want to provide a translation for their own customers, but don't want to share with the community.

Contributors to Elephant Locale will also be able to provide their work to TiC Foundation and will be listed as contributors in public recognition for their work.