There's a long way ahead, but plenty of opportunities

Lluis Turró Cutiller

The Turro.Org Foundation is taking place in the near future, you can read about it in Organization -> Foundation. The organization solely might not be attractive for business opportunities: free software and basic documentation will be made available for system administrators and for developers, see Documents -> Javadoc -> Full report as example.

But things change if you stop selling software and, instead, bring support and services. Then Turro.Org Foundation will be clearly a good choice. Here are some pros:

  • Free software
  • Fully integrated modules, easily embeddable
  • Scalable
  • Reliant
  • Compliant with Software As A Service
  • Multi-Platform
  • No final user installations

IT Reseach companies may also benefit from Turro.Org. Any software project that fits Foundation Objectives could be hosted and developed under favorable conditions and sponsored donations.