Live your life within Facebook or be ready to exist as somebody else

Lluis Turró Cutiller

Lifeline is quite an improvement in Facebook presentation, definitely. But does the same apply for you? I mean, does Facebook lifeline be a good presentation for you?

Previously, they were showing your activity, clearly within Facebook scope. Now, with the inclusion of birthday and from there on, they seem to claim your life is what is shown or, at least, what you choose to show. This move makes a difference, a huge difference. You might wonder why do I mention this at all. Right, I tell you.

My wall has never been something close to my day to day activity, but I could bear it because I know almost everyone feels the same. My profile, though, was mostly empty.

Now, with the lifeline approach, the most important thing I have done after my birth was joining Facebook. Next I started some friendships, joined some groups and commented / liked things. But what really kills me is when some Facebook applications, for sake of example, Yahoo, makes from reading something, a record in my activity. How do they dare? No wonder that my Facebook profile is largely biassed.