Elephant's new features for SEO

New & Noteworthy
Lluís Turró Cutiller

The new Elephant version comes with some new features that will make life easier for SEO. The most relevant are:

Publication URLs

Previous to Elephant URL-as-parameter, BrightSide Publication URLs were generated using the publication ID. Something like ?item=n. This has been override by easy-to-read URLs. Something like /elephants-new-features-for-seo, which happens to be the URL for this one you're now reading.

Currently, the URLs are auto-generated when the publication is saved. And wont change in future savings. The new system is backward compatible with the previous one.

The URL-as-parameter generates when publication entities have their own context defined. See Sitemap.

No follow property for some links

The links affected (but not exclusively) are:

  • Authentication required links.
  • Print version links.
  • Pagination links.
  • Cloud tag links.
  • Category links.

Auto-generated sitemap

Elephant generates a sitemap from all its contexts. Also, requires BrightSide modules to provide relevant URLs. See Sitemap for more information.