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Lluis Turró Cutiller
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While the purchase system grows in the ERP module, Financials documents are stressed to its maximum. I stop by to clear my mind and, amid words, better understand the whole.

The way resource and product movements get reflected on the enterprise accounting system, is quite special in the BrightSide Financials way. Stores are attached to departments and services through contracts. Information about cost centers and business lines, go down the line, to Financials registry. Even more, a relation is saved along using the RelatedPaths API. The next Financials release will feature having lines locked by external sources, in this case: the purchasing system.

When putting things together, the scenario is compelling. Skipping complex configuration modules, users have the power in their hands. The registry isn't making any consolidation, otherwise considered 'intelligent'. It simply stores, with a highly sofisticated mechanism, yes, but also easy to mantain. Easy for the user, let's say it.

Since I just stopped by and had no other intentions than clear my mind, I would point out something that is still bothering me: find a good, open sourced, Business Intelligence.