BrightSide is a ZK Case Study

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Lluis Turró Cutiller

ZK is a Java Framework for building web applications, with over 1,500,000 downloads worldwide. BrightSide uses ZK as primary user front-end.

We are proud to announce that now, BrightSide is a Case Study on ZK web site.

BrightSide modules were deployed in production environments almost two years ago. At first glance, users were shocked by the fact of working on a web browser the way they did on desktop applications. But initial resistance declined when they saw it was possible to start the application anywhere, without installations.

BrightSide reuses a lot of free and open source libraries and is itself a free and open source project. Within Turro.Org Foundation, BrightSide expects to grow as final users require, engaging the Software is Knowledge principles that initiated this web site.

Many has been done, but more awaits. It's good to know we are in good hands.