Being a Java developer with so many APIs out there

Lluis Turró Cutiller

I love Java, from the very beginning. It happened as much like with C++, one gave me computer control, the other offered the world. That's what Java was all about, being able to be everywhere. Today things had come bigger and Java isn't anymore the applet programing language, but a whole set of APIs to create almost anything.

You could call that the good and the bad of Java. Will depend on who you believe in and where Sun goes to.

Choosing an API is a very difficult part of my work. This is how the thing goes:

  • You google for something like whatineed java, in the hope you see those words along with Apache, Google Code, Sun or others of that kind.
  • When you get positive results, you have to start looking for start guides, as to get an idea about the learning curve. Many times, those with large learning curves end being the more productive, but there is always the hope you will clear up the problem very soon.
  • In case you find some suitable APIs, next weekend will be dedicated to reading incomplete tutorials of old versions.
  • Otherwise, if you found nothing interesting, you will probably expend several weeks writing code that, if not published, will be written late or soon by one of the above mentioned.

In any case, believe me, I love Java!