Actors API is a superset specification based in Security plus the Visual elements 's Scripting . The goal of this API is allowing the creation of easy-customizable application actors.

The basics

An actor is a given user complying with a group of constraints attached to the actor's name. An example would be:

PartnerNetwork=pfunc.anyOfSyndications(user, "partner,patron,contacts_admin")

The line configures the PartnerNetwork actor. In order to check if the visiting user is a PartnerNetwork, in Visuals we'll do:


Surpassing the individual

Actors API is fully compliant with the collaboration modules. We can create specific actors for a large variety of entities. An example of an actor related to dossiers or categories:


Now we could check if the visitor is a ComissionMember with:

user.isActor(dossier, "ComissionMember")

Checking a user

The BaaS service provides a view where we can check users against all defined actors. It's also possible to perform the check using an entity.

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