Being a Java developer with so many APIs out there

Lluis Turró Cutiller

I love Java, from the very beginning. It happened as much like with C++, one gave me computer control, the other offered the world. That's what Java was all about, being able to be everywhere. Today things had come bigger and Java isn't anymore the applet programing language, but a whole set of APIs to create almost anything.

You could call that the good and the bad of Java. Will depend on who you believe in and where Sun goes to.

Setting up AWStats on Tomcat

Lluis Turró Cutiller

Earlier 2005 I had the need to install web statistics for Tomcat web servers. The reason might be obvious: XMLPortal runs on JSP/Servlet containers. Usually, Java hosting plans use Apache server to generate access logs and then redirect requests to Tomcat. This runs pretty well, but once a hosting provider offers to improve your account by sending requests directly to Tomcat, you can't say no. And I said yes. Soon I start missing things, like web statistics. This is how, step by step, I dealt with it. Today I have splendid AWStats on my web site!

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