The Foundation Hub

Turro.Org services are supported by the Foundation Hub. The hub builds upon an agreement among business and professionals distributing TiC Foundation Software.

The Foundation Hub cares about infrastructure, security documents and customer support.

Documentation Storage

Documents are saved on a private cloud and shared among hub members.

Hub Members

Actius i Activitats BCN, S.L.
Actius i Activitats S.L. was the XMLVocabulary project promoter, which is the origin of BrightSide Financials Models. All of the auto-accounting features were born from this project.
Main Memory, S.A.
Main Memory distributes and gives support for BaaS Clouds. Also sponsors the Cloud for Students as part of technology courses at UAB.
Serveis informàtics a Barcelona i Girona
Serveis informàtics distributes and gives support for BaaS Clouds.
Turro.Org is the main contributor to Foundation TiC source code.

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