Wiki has several ways for constructing links. Mainly they all derivate from the initial form:

[[the_link]] or
[[the_link][the_text_to_show]] or
[[the_link][img the_image]]





[[][img repository(/powered.png)]]

Links with new target

You can create links that point to external sources or will create new a tab on the browser and make it clear to the visitor with ext or new:




[ext[][img repository(/powered.png)]]

The repository function is explained in Images .

Links with markup

Modern responsive frameworks require class assignments to links. In that case, you can use links with markup. The URL reference must be the first markup parameter.



[img repository(/powered.png)]
[link(,&class:ui primary button)]

The last example take advantage from Semantic-ui, used in this site.

See more about passing attributes to wiki elements in CSS and attributes .

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