The image syntax is [img:size image_file]. Size is optional and can be expressed in valid CSS units.

In some cases, when large images are used, you might prefer the thumb syntax. [thumb image_file:size]. Elephant internally creates a thumb file a renders the image with a link to the original one. Thumbs are restricted to JPG images.

Some examples



[img repository(/powered.jpg)]

[img:80px repository(/powered.jpg)]

[img:50% repository(/powered.jpg)]

[thumb repository(/powered.jpg):80]
The number stands for thumb's maximum size.

Thumbs automatically create a fileName_thumb.ext file from fileName.ext file. When visitors click on the thumb image get a new window with the original image.

In order to create links with images see Links .

The repository

In the examples above you might noticed the function repository(), this function returns to current repository location.





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