Elephant creates Open Graph metas. By default, og:title will be the context name. Different modules may override this behavior.

Image conventions

When dealing with images, Elephant will resolve og:image using:

  1. The first PNG or JPG image in local repository, with its name ending with _social.(png|jpg).
  2. The first PNG or JPG image in root repository, with its name ending with _def_social.(png|jpg).

In order to be a valid image, must have at least 200 pixels width or height. Images with more than 600 pixels will be considered large.

Some examples



Default image for all contexts

Add *_def_social.(png|jpg) to the root repository.

Image for a context, including root

Add *_social.(png|jpg) to the context repository.

BrightSide modules

BrightSide modules implement social conventions their own way. For instance, BrightSide Publications use a convention based on repository folders (see Publication Conventions). BrightSide Dossiers and BrightSide Financials use instead the _social suffix convention.

Social image cache

Elephant maintains an image cache for social images. If you need to reset this cache, edit and save any context.

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