Technological partners

Fundació TiC
TiC Foundation was founded by beneficiaries and contributors to maintain Turro.Org software open sourced. All sources were donated to TiC Foundation worth 450.000 euros.
Main Memory, S.A.
Main Memory distributes and gives support for BaaS Clouds. Also sponsors the Cloud for Students as part of technology courses at UAB.
Mecman Industrial, S.L.
Mecman Industrial, S.L. has been leading the BrightSide ERP module and provided the first production environment. Otherwise this module wouldn't have been possible.
Potix Corporation
Potix Corporation are the ZK Java Web Framework creators. BrightSide runs on top of ZK and takes advantage of all its features. Really a must-try.
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Sun Microsystems will be forever treated as source of inspiration. Long-term productivity is a term I always associate to them.
TIC Design
TIC Design distributes and gives support for BaaS Clouds.